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Massage Ritual & Love Retreat (for lovers)

As an extra supplement to a stay in the Love Bubble I also give it Massage Ritual to loved ones. In this ritual I touch you both, first separately in close proximity and then together. The intention of my touch is to turn on the flow of love in your two bodies and then to connect these flows with each other. This brings you beyond the everyday, to the essence of your connection. Depending on your own intention, the emphasis is more on relaxation, deepening or initiation (see explanation Massage Ritual individually).

As an extra floor on the stay at the Love Bubble I also give one Love retreat to loved ones. Your question is central to this retreat; the theme on which you wish to be inspired. You will jointly explain this theme in a telephone intake. First of all I look to see if I think I can inspire you and if so, then come with a no-obligation proposal and possibly homework until the retreat. In the retreat itself, the touch is an important tool for me. By making contact with your bodies, the deeper stratification of the theme that you want to explore unfolds. This creates healing and transformation.

Although the touch can lead to sensuality and I use this energy to bring other parts of your body to life, both the Massage Ritual and the Love Retreat are anything but sexual. All energy is used to deepen your connection. I therefore remain dressed at all times and no physical interaction is possible with me.

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