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Massage Ritual (individual)

Traditionally, we women are the ones who understand the art of love and who initiate men in the path of intimacy and sacred sexuality. Yet I see that as women we often expect our beloved (husband) to teach us this art. This often leads to disappointment; to total weakening in our vivacity and sometimes even to complete abstinence from intimacy. We both know deep down that things can be done differently, but how?
I believe that as a woman we have a responsibility to first of all love ourselves and learn to be intimate with ourselves. After this initiation, where you, as it were, marry yourself and acknowledge the flow of love in your body, you can also initiate your loved one into the true potential of intimacy and sexuality: healing, transformation and ultimately creation and manifestation.
The man's path is about being present in his masculinity and at the same time keeping his heart wide open. To experience these poles together is quite an art; a journey that is about practicing patience, about the fear of rejection and the loss of illusionary power. The ultimate goal is mastery: the man who brings the woman to rapture and allows an ever deeper level of surrender to be experienced. 
Both paths together form a path that we may have forgotten but certainly not lost. I would like to inspire you on this path of initiation.

What does a session look like? 

I will touch you in an individual session. By making contact with my hands, a dimension unfolds that is otherwise hidden from me. I feel and read your energy, I share what I come across with soft words. In places where you are 'frozen' in your body for whatever reason (usually due to a trauma that can vary from rejection and denial to heartless sexual experiences) I bring awareness so that here too the life energy starts flowing again. Although I use the sensuality (if present) as a tool to create flow in your body, the sessions I give are anything but sexual. This way I stay dressed and no form of physical interaction is possible with me. My intention is to let you experience your own unique flow, the circle of life energy. This brings you into contact with your full potential (see also for explanation) video).
An individual session is one-off or with a long period between sessions so that you have plenty of time to integrate. When you come for the first time, I always first have telephone contact to agree whether I am the right companion for you. 

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