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Alchemy of love

All my life I have been intrigued by the confusion we live in when it comes to love, intimacy and sexuality. In my role as a body-oriented sexologist & counselor I have a mission: to remove the veils in these areas. What becomes visible is a deep experience and understanding of love and sexuality as a tool for healing and transformation.
I inspire by on the one hand creating consciousness through writing about love and sexuality and on the other hand by (teaching you) to re-member the body with a physical touch of the original state, which is love. I work with both couples and individuals, alone or together with my loved one. On this website I share what inspires me in my field and how you can be part of it.

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Massage Ritual (individual)

Traditionally, it is women who initiate men on the path of intimacy and sacred sexuality. Yet I see that as women we often expect our beloved (husband) to teach us this art. This often leads to disappointment; to complete weakening in our vivacity and sometimes even to complete abstinence from intimacy. The result of this is (I like to exaggerate): a society with emotional women (femininity) and absent men (masculinity). We both know deep down that things can be done differently, but how?

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Massage Rituals (couples)

 As an extra addition to a stay in the Love Bubble, I also give one Massage Ritual to loved ones (alone or with my loved one). In this ritual I touch both of you, first separately in each other's proximity and then together. (When my beloved massages, you are touched at the same time.) The intention of my touch is to start the flow of love in both of your bodies and then connect these flows together. This takes you beyond the mundane to the essence of your connection. Depending on your own intention, the emphasis is more on relaxation, deepening or initiation (see explanation Massage Ritual individually). 

As an extra floor on the stay at the Love Bubble I also give one Massage Ritual Intensive to loved ones. Your question is central to this ritual; the theme on which you wish to be inspired. In the ritual itself, the touch is an important tool for me. By connecting with your bodies, the deeper layering of the theme you wish to explore unfolds. This creates healing and transformation.

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Tantric Love Retreats

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In a Love Retreat we immerse you for a number of days and nights in a bath of playing and deepening. The guidance is by me and my beloved in a beautiful place in Barchem (Achterhoek).
I see that most of the grief experienced in love has to do with dissatisfaction and confusion around sex. When you untie the knot around sex, sex is a potentially healing force and no longer a potentially disruptive force in a love affair.
The key lies in a new understanding of the masculine and feminine that is present in each individual and how these different energies are exchanged. It is a journey of rediscovery where you get to know your loved one anew as a loving mirror to tap into your orgasmic potential by building sensitivity and presence in the body. By bringing meditation into the game of love, having sex becomes a way to make love and bring peace to all relationships.

A Love Retreat consists of lectures, meditation and sharings in the group room and love rituals in the bedroom so that you can immediately put what you have learned into practice.
Safety is very important to me in the Love Retreats. Participating couples can be assured that there is no nudity in the group room and that all exercises are with their own partner in the privacy of their own bedroom.
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Love bubbles

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How long has it been since you spent 21 hours with your loved one without being disturbed by anything or anyone? The Original Love Bubble originated from my own need to lock me up with my loved one once a month. Because I experience how important it is to find the peace and space in my relationship to really be together, we started sharing our Love Bubble (hence the name Original) and several Love Bubbles soon followed at LandGoed in Lochem ( in 2022 we expect to have 7 Love Bubbles at LandGoed). The Love Bubbles have now been developed into an experience where you can lock up together with your loved one for 21 hours in very pleasant circumstances (including private wellness facilities), where you only have to bring your toothbrush, where you are completely taken care of without seeing anyone or hear, where the love (again) will flow in your connection, where you can be inspired by Love Rituals and where you celebrate the essence of your love above all else.
If you want to hear more about the Love Bubbles, watch part 1 and part 2 of the interview with me and relationship therapist Marieke Proper or visit the website.

unnamed 1 Interview Mariette Sinninghe Damsté in soul mission
Claudette van Soulmission visited the Love Bubble with her partner Ralph and had a prior conversation with the initiator about Love, Intimacy and Sexuality in relationships. Listen this podcast on spotify.

Love Ritual Box


In guiding loved ones (not to mention my own path) I come across many the same themes that we (almost) all come across in a longer love relationship. Such as: How do I bring the feeling of love back into my relationship? How can we be together again and more intimately? How can we learn to communicate lovingly? Etc. 
I have written love rituals based on these themes. Together with matching tools to perform the ritual, I have incorporated these rituals with a few creative colleagues into beautiful Love Ritual Boxes. I hope this will inspire loved ones to grow together through love. 
At the moment there are four different themes: the Dreambox about using love as creative power, the Tantra-Shakti about surrender, the Beloved about loving communication and the Tantra-Shiva about playing with desire. View the different boxes and videos in the shop of


What does society look like when we create a safe bed where we, as individuals and collectively, can melt our daily lead into gold? At LandGoed in Lochem, where the Love Bubbles are being developed, this is a living experiment supported by two foundations founded in 2014 (IAM and The Swarm). The soul of this life's work is the group of people with whom we give the Love Bubbles wings based on 'the swarm' as a corporate structure. In 'A day at LandGoed' two colleagues speak and in the other videos more about my personal quest in relation to LandGoed.

What and who inspires me

These people, books and videos about love and sexuality as a tool for healing and transformation have inspired me:

 Diana Richardson is a great source of inspiration for me at the moment when it comes to creating body awareness in and through the intimacy and the world that can unfold from there:

ted logo fbThe power of mindfull sex

Slow Sex - informative film (can be ordered via inspired by the work of Diana Richardson (also nice to watch with teenagers)

Book Slow Sex, inspired by the work of Diana Richardson 

buy at bol com

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About me, my mission and vision

Marinette 51 2

I was thirty years old and traveled to Burma for the second time to meditate for a long period in a monastery. And then suddenly, during a meditation, I felt that I wanted to touch people, that I wanted to be very close to the other person and (thereby) myself through the touch. It felt like a next step in my inner search around the themes of love, intimacy and sexuality. As a child and teenager, I had experienced the true potential of sexuality, but as I grew older I seemed to wander further and further from the unity experiences that appeared so naturally at the time.

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